I, the parent or legal guardian of the above named child, release all liabilities both professionally and medically from Enrichment Services Inc., their owners and teachers, and the school/center where the classes will be conducted. I understand that any physical activity involving motion creates the possibility of serious injury, and I agree to release all rights and claims. I hereby assign to Enrichment Services Inc. the right to record my child’s voice and likeness for use in media production. No identification will be used. No credit is given for missed classes and tuition payments are non-refundable. Enrichment Services reserves the right to cancel or decrease class time due to enrollment or age of students or adjust the scheduled class day or time. Minimum class size 8 students. Classes are not held the weeks of Thanksgiving, Spring Break and the 4th of July. Monday/Friday classes not held before and after Easter. Emailed notification is required if withdrawing from a program.